Fighting for Isla Vista

I want to thank SB County Elections Office workers for working hard to count over 125,000 ballots cast last week. After the November 15 election update, I am honored to have been re-elected by the voters of Isla Vista.

IV students, residents, and families created the IVCSD in 2016 to create power for our community to solve local issues on our own terms. I’m excited to continue working with my colleagues to do that, and work with partners to take on pressing challenges – like transportation, safety and justice, and housing affordability.

I especially want to thank the dozens of volunteers and supporters that spent election day in the pouring rain, on campus and in IV, helping people to vote and make their voices heard. Your passion and dedication is what makes Isla Vista such an amazing place.

– Spencer

Fighting for Isla Vista

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Isla Vista

Meet Spencer

As a community organizer, Isla Vista CSD Director, and recent UCSB student, Spencer has fought for more representation for Isla Vista. Spencer is fighting to make IV safer, healthier, and more affordable.

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