Isla Vista Community Services District Approves $1.81 Million Budget

The Isla Vista Community Services District (IVCSD) Board unanimously approved the $1.81 million 2022-23 fiscal year budget at the Aug. 23 board meeting.

The budget outlines diversified funding sources with roughly a third of the revenue outside of the Utility User’s Tax. Tax revenues are expected to be $1.18 million. The budget reflects community vision and a statement of values for the Isla Vista community. The budget delivers quality services while strengthening and expanding in a scalable manner.

“IV residents are making their voices heard in local government, helping improve access and service offerings for students, youth, and families.”

Spencer Brandt

The 2022-23 budget allows for three Isla Vista Safety Stations, an increase from two, staffed by UC Police Department’s unarmed community service officers on Friday and Saturday nights.

Isla Vista Beautiful will now be run by IVCSD and expand for another year of operation and include a full-time program manager and four crew members to focus on beautification services. Community members can report issues like graffiti and garbage via the SeeClickFix app. 

Another investment in the 2022-23 budget is continuing to build staff capacity to serve the community. The expanding IVCSD team is made up of a general manager, a community engagement director, Compost Collective Program manager, Community Spaces Program manager, and Isla Vista Beautiful Program manager.

From April 2022 to June 2022, IVCSD sent out the 2022-23 Budget Priorities Survey intended to capture the priorities of residents, gather feedback on current services, and brainstorm new services IVCSD may explore. IVCSD received 111 unduplicated responses to the survey.

A Budget Town Hall was held to discuss the budget as it was currently being developed and explore the community’s needs and ideas. Community members were invited to the finance committee meetings, as well as board meetings, to offer comments.

Feedback in the Budget Priorities Survey prioritized the need for improvement in transportation, infrastructure, safety and cleanliness in the community. This demonstrates the importance of the Isla Vista Mobility plan and its effort to make more equitable access to transportation, as well as implement further infrastructure improvements.

Safety concerns will continue to be addressed and IVCSD plans to respond to residents’ requests for more lighting and community safety programs.

“This budget makes tangible investments in the health and quality of life for all those who call Isla Vista home by expanding services, growing programing, and improving public facilities,” said Spencer Brandt, IVCSD Board president. “IV residents are making their voices heard in local government, helping improve access and service offerings for students, youth, and families.”

The Isla Vista Community Services District is Isla Vista’s first broad based local government, achieving 47 years of community advocacy for self governance. The IVCSD provides eight key services including public safety, housing mediation, community facilities, parking, graffiti abatement, lighting and sidewalks, and both a municipal advisory council and area planning commission.

The board includes five publicly elected directors and two directors appointed by UCSB and the county of Santa Barbara.